Regenerative Wellness & Anti-Ageing




"Adding years to life, and life to years", by helping you age optimally – by not only helping to extend your potential lifespan, but keep you well in the process!

The ageing process is something none of us can avoid, however chronic diseases and disability does not have to a part of this equation!

Using advanced research and modern technology, we can determine the rate at which you are ageing (your 'biological age') with cellular health analysis testing and your overall stress response, which contributes to the ageing process significantly, with cardio-stress imaging. Your practitioner may order other functional medicine tests such as an adrenal hormone profile, antioxidant status testing, salivary hormone testing and blood tests, to determine other factors that are contributing to your rate of ageing.

This information will allow your practitioner to use specific treatments and therapies to assist your natural production of omnipotent stem cells – which naturally help your body regenerate and impede your natural rate of ageing.


This program is designed to assist you in identifying, preventing and managing common age-related conditions such as arthritis and musculoskeletal problems, memory loss and dementia, heart disease such as heart attacks and stroke…and to help you to keep energetic, motivated and healthy.


Zone 3 Therapies anti-ageing and regenerative wellness specialist practitioners will plan a long-term anti-ageing prevention strategy, based on a thorough assessment of your needs. This will be administered in conjunction with a proactive regeneration strategy, which will constantly be monitored to ensure the best results.


At Zone 3 Therapies, we believe longevity is more than extending your life span – it's about feeling great in every stage of your life – especially in retirement when you have the time to enjoy it!

We can even help you to appear younger externally, using mircocurrent facial technology.


Make an appointment today to see our specialist practitioners who can improve your biological age and assist in the ageing process.