Surgery Support


Zone 3 Therapies' pre and post surgery support programmes.

Get back into action faster with targeted recovery optimisation.

Despite our best efforts to keep well, most people will have to have a surgery at some time in their life, be it wisdom teeth removal, caesarean section, exploratory surgery such as an endoscopy or colonoscopy, sports injury repairs or a "nip or tuck".

As surgical procedures represent "injuries" to the body that require healing, and as anaesthetic and other drugs administered during any surgical procedure, increase the load on the liver and other organs – supportive care will not only speed your healing time, but it will also help to reduce the chance of post-operative complications.

The Zone 3 therapies Surgery Support Program ideally begins prior to any scheduled procedure (ideally two to four weeks prior, depending on the procedure) and involves:
- Stimulating optimal immune function to prevent post operative infection - Enhancing tissue and cellular repair capacity, to increase skin and tissue healing and minimise scarring, - Liver support to ensure adequate detoxification and improve recovery.

Each of these combined strategies enhances recovery and therefore fewer days out of action, as well as reduced risk of complications.

Your practitioner will only prescribe medicines that are safe and that will not interact with any drugs used throughout your operative procedure, including anaesthetics.

To make an appointment to prepare for your surgery and improve your chances for a better post-surgical recovery.