Frequency Specific Microcurrent Therapy

What is Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)?


FSM repairs at a cellular level. It incorporates some of the most up-to-date research and techniques, directly targeting individual tissues and cellular disturbances to repair damaged tissue and enhance bio-electrical energy.
Through the use of a FSM unit, individual tissues and cellular disturbances are directly targeted with streams of life giving electrons. These help to normalise cellular function, and may assist in reducing symptoms of pain.
How does it work?
Damage to tissue causes our cells to operate poorly. This often results in pain and decreased use of the inflamed area. Frequency Specific Microcurrent corrects tissue at a cellular level using frequencies specific to your problem. A very low-voltage microamperage (millionths of an ampere) current is passed onto the affected cells or tissue trigger points in order to stimulate the body's healing process.
What are the frequencies?
Frequencies are measured in hertz or pulses per second. The frequencies are used on two channels and it seems to make a difference what channel you put which frequency on. The frequency thought to address or neutralize the condition is put on Precision channel A or on the channel that fires first.
The frequency thought to address the tissue is put on channel B. There are frequencies for over 200 conditions from very common conditions like inflammation and scar tissue and mineral deposits and toxicity to very unusual and hard to document conditions.
Microcurrent therapy can even be used for non-injury problems such as beauty therapy, headaches and colds as it direcltly targets and enhances our cellular health, which affects all areas of the body.

FSM requires a light touch, no pain or deep pressure is involved.
Because FSM's amperage is similar to the body's own cellular amperage, patients experience no pain sensation what so ever.

Benefits during treatment include:

- Accelerates healing of acute injuries up to 200% improved oxygenation and cellular repair
- Decreases cellular electrical resistance
- Reduces inflammatory chemicals in tissues
- Increases feel-good endorphin levels
- Increases cell energy (ATP) levels by up to 500%
- Boosts protein synthesis by 70%
- Restores depleted adrenal function
- Repairs regulation of nervous tissue
- Boosts immune function
- Improved cellular function including warmth
- Softening of tight tissues
- Emotional release
- Pain Relief
- Reduction of muscle spasms
- Increased blood circulation to injured areas,
- Maintenance and/or increase range of motion to injured areas
- Acceleration and better absorption of skincare products


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