Men’s Health Programme

When was the last time that you had a full health check up?
Are you ignoring niggling symptoms?
And, are you on top of your game at home, at work and at play?

Researchers believe that for Australian men health check ups and actively addressing any health concerns only occurs until there is a serious health problem. At Zone 3 Therapies, we encourage you to address any unpleasant health issues as they arise, which we believe will enable you to achieve and maintain desired health!

Our experience practitioners at Zone 3 Therapies have up to date and advanced strategies to test for and address the underlying causes of any health issues. Preventing the risk of illnesses and diseases such as cardiovascular disease, digestive system problems, diabetes, prostate issues, cancer, depression and stress are our top priority at Zone 3 Therapies which we hope will help you feel and look better and increase your performance at both home and work!

It is never too late to address any health concerns at Zone 3 Therapies whether it be high cholesterol, illness caused by genetics, high blood pressure, digestion problems, immune disorders and get your vitality back on track.

Whatever the reason your health issue is caused by all our naturopaths will ensure that an individually tailored treatment program is created to help you achieve your full health potential and get you back on track.

If you have been really neglecting your health, you would benefit from a comprehensive health overhaul with our cellular health analysis which consists of metabolic testing, body fat/muscle/water composition, detox and tailored dietary advice.

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